Ileia Prefecture

Ilia Prefecture, one of the most beautiful Prefectures in the country, is located at the northwestern tip of the Peloponnese. A large section stretches across the seafront literally “dipping” into the Ionian Sea and has a relief sandstone wall, as a natural fortress.

The visitor encounters the strangest formations here: Crystal clear beaches, with pines reaching as low as the sea, rugged mountain ranges, relief small hill formations, forests, lakes and springs that lay their roots in the fertile plain. Between the mountain and the sea, rivers, lakes, healing waters and the land of “food”.

This land is crossed by the two rivers “gods” of Ilia, Pineios and Alfeios forming unique deltas, islets of life for flora and fauna. Picturesque hamlets with stone buildings that have remained intact to date keeping the image of tradition alive over time. Ilia Prefecture is a place blessed by history and nature. It is a place where history was born and nature grew up. Hospitable and idyllic, land of production and beautiful all year round, Ilia opens to its visitors, embraces them with the charm that radiates from every part of it.

Stroll through its picturesque settlements, exploring the history of thousands of years through its paths, and travel in the past and present through the magical paths it offers.

Giovanni Mare - Νέδα
Giovanni Mare - Δρυοδάσος Φολόης
Giovanni Mare - Κατάκολο
Πεζόδρομος Κουρούτας