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Rental rooms Kourouta Amaliada

Located 80km from Patras and 40km from Ancient Olympia and 4km from Amaliada, in the beautiful area of Kourouta in Amaliada you will find our “Giovanni Mare” rooms that can provide you with a comfortable, pleasant and affordable stay duration of your holiday in the area.

Our rooms were built with love and care in 2011 in order to offer you every possible luxury. They consist of 5 luxurious rooms with EOT specifications that can accommodate you all year long and are definitely an ideal choice for families, couples and groups who want to experience moments of rest and relaxation with all the modern comforts.

The Area

They are found in a unique location with nature’s greenery and the smells of flowers. They are 30 meters from the sea and close to the Municipal Campsite. On the beautiful and fully equipped beach, umbrellas and sunbeds are available free of charge from the shops of the area, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your bath and sunbath.

If you are interested in relaxation, in an area that generously offers the beauty of nature, in an environment suitable for the whole family and your company, then our rented rooms can become your refuge to explore all the beauties of the area.

Our goal is to make personal contact with each customer separately and create a sense of familiarity from the first moment. We are happy to welcome you to our rooms and take care to provide you with every possible luxury, while giving you tips on what to visit in Kourouta and throughout the area.

Just relax in the lush Mediterranean surroundings of the accommodation and we guarantee you an unforgettable stay, with the best hospitality and care.

Giovanni Mare - Εμείς, Περιοχή, Κουρούτα